EU-Law after Brexit? Interpreting Clause 6 and other legal issues

24 Feb 2018, 3.30PM Week: 6

Venue: Old Library All Souls College

Organised by: Professor Wolfgang Ernst

Speakers: Sir David Edward, Professor Paul Craig, Lord David Neuberger

After Brexit, the ‘European Union (Withdrawal) Bill’ will have brought about a vast range of new laws. Many of those will be derived from EU law which was applicable until Brexit day. To what degree will the EU law background influence the future interpretation of what is going to be domestic law? The matter is addressed in clause 6 of the draft ‘European Union (Withdrawal) Bill’. The workshop will take a close look at this clause, and at other legal technicalities arising out of the transition to the law as introduced by draft.

To register for the workshop, please use this link before 21 February 2018.  

There is limited capacity so spaces are offered on a first Come, first serve basis.