In his career as a national security professional, serving as an NCIS special agent, counterintelligence officer and Homeland Security executive, Mark Fallon has investigated some of the most significant terrorist events in US history, including the first bombing of the World Trade Center and the 2000 attack on the USS Cole. In the aftermath of September 11, he was appointed as the chief investigator of a task force created to probe the al-Qaeda terrorist network and bring suspected terrorists to justice. With the opening of Guantanamo Bay and the arrival of its detainees, however, he witnessed first-hand the dark side of the US Global War on Terror: its torture and extraordinary renditions. He reported the abuse back to the Pentagon where, through the General Counsel of the Navy, the reports made its way to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. The abuse eventually stopped, but its consequences are still felt to this day.

In this seminar, Mark will discuss his new book Unjustifiable Means as well as his experience serving the US intelligence community. The seminar will be chaired by IPS Executive Director Federica D'Alessandra. It is part of a series of national security talks hosted by IPS, the first of which was given by Alka Pradhan and Air Force Captain Mark Andreu, both serving as the US Department of Defence's appointed defence lawyers of Ammar Al Baluchi before the US military commissions last year. A video recording of that talk can be found here.

A light lunch will be served from 13h00. 

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