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Reading: Matsuda, Mari, 2017. The Next Dada Utopian Visioning Peace Orchestra: Constitutional Theory and the Aspirational. McGill Law Journal, 62(4), pp.1203–1247.

Watch: https://www.marimatsudapeaceorchestra.com/

This text presents a Manifesto of Radical Intersubjective Collectivity and Imagined Possibility. In it Mari Matsuda challenges us to think about art as a constitutional right, the role of law in social change, and what utopian vision might offer our world-making projects. What do we need to give and receive care? What would taking our desires and the future of this planet seriously look like? What does this mean for us as scholars, lawyers, and for the artists within us all? Matsuda gestures towards the possibility that it is impractical to not think in utopian terms, and asks us to take seriously the project of making life flourish, in all its forms, on this earth and the place of law in mining contradictions and generating possibility.