Tomer Dvir (Co-founder & CEO, Soluto)         
Guy Rosen (Co-Founder & CEO , Vircado)                 
Ohad Shperling (Associate, Carmel Ventures)
Rachel Armitage (Co-founder & Director, Zoombu)   
David Langer(Co-founder and CEO, GroupSpaces)   
Ville Lehtonen (CEO, LabMinds)


In the ten years since the dotcom bust, entrepreneurship has returned to centre stage both of the global business world and of popular imagination.  The runaway success of businesses like Facebook, Twitter, Zynga and many others has demonstrated that small team of people with an idea, passion and a bit of luck can create immense amounts of value.  In the process, the contours of the entrepreneurship ecosystem have shifted:  as increased global connectivity and the reduced costs of starting a business make it easier for anyone, anywhere to create the next big thing, earlier notions of where to launch startups, how to finance them and who should run them are all being challenged.<p>

This panel will examine how this resurgence of, and change in, entrepreneurship is playing out in two of Europe’s and the world’s biggest innovation hubs, Britain and Israel.  The panellists, three each from the UK and Israeli entrepreneurship communities, will look at the similarities and differences involved in starting a business in their home markets.<p>

The event will be followed by drinks reception
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