Over the course of the symposium, speakers from several EU member states will explore the use of proportionality, its different conceptions and it sense and nonsense in different European jurisdictions.

10.30-11.20: Keynote: TBC-Professor Timothy Endicott
Affiliation: Professor of Legal Philosophy, Balliol College.
Respondent: Max Harris.
11.30-12.30: ‘The CJEU and national identity: balancing or categorization?’-Elke Cloots
Affiliation: attorney at the bar of Antwerp; Professor of Media Law, University of Antwerp.
Respondent: Professor Alison Young.
12.30-14.00: lunch break.

14.00-14.50: ‘Different Conceptions of Proportionality in EU Law’-Zuzana Vikarska
Affiliation: DPhil Student in Law, Harris Manchester College.
Respondent: James Gale
15.00-15.50: ‘The Direct Horizontal Effect of the EU Free Movement Provisions: Issues of Justification and Proportionality’-Francesco Bassi
Affiliation: PhD-Candidate, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen.
Respondent: Doctor Dorota Leczykiewicz
15.50-…: Drinks Reception.