Southernising Arab Criminology

Event date
8 June 2022
Event time
16:00 - 17:30
Oxford week
TT 7
HYBRID SEMINAR - Criminology Seminar Room
Dr. Nabil Ouassini & Dr. Anwar Ouassini

The event will take place in the Criminology Seminar Room (St Cross Building). You are very welcome to join us in person.

Register here for attenging online. Please note that registrations will close at 23.45 BST on 7 June. If you want to register after this time please contact the event organiser.

Talk abstract

The ever-evolving field of criminology has advanced in the past decade, yet many impediments remain. Research on the Global South is largely overlooked as the discipline continues to be dominated by Northern paradigms. The Arab world has largely remained in criminology’s periphery despite the region’s considerable importance to current international affairs. Our discussion examines the state of criminology in the Arab world, defines its parameters, and presents components that bond and distinguish Arab criminology from other criminological area studies. We will then detail the manner researchers can challenge some of the recurrent orientalist and Islamophobic tropes in Northern criminology and progress the discipline through the inclusion of knowledge from the Arab world.

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Speakers biography

Nabil Ouassini is an Assistant Professor at Prairie View A & M University. He received his Ph.D. in criminal justice from Indiana University at Bloomington and his research interests include comparative criminal justice/criminology, criminal justice reform, legitimation and legitimacy, and crime/criminal justice in the Arab world.

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Anwar Ouassini is an Associate Professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice at Delaware State University. He received his Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of New Mexico and his research interests include civil society and criminal justice reform in North and West Africa, Arab criminology, and culture/racialization with focus on Muslim minorities.


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