This workshop has been arranged to create an opportunity to build upon the ongoing dialogue between Professor Denis Galligan and Professor  William Twining on  the discipline of Jurisprudence and interaction between legal theory and empirical social research.  The dialogue between these two distinguished scholars  goes far back in time, and it  was vigorously renewed at the recent public lecture delivered by Professor Galligan to which Professor Twining promptly composed a rejoinder.

Our workshop is intended to concentrate on some of the issues that were sparked off by the previous exchange.  We expect that the discussion will explore questions such as:
* the nature of jurisprudence and its utility in social explanation; 
* the methodology of studying law from a social perspective; and
* the inter-relations between legal theory and empirical studies of law.       
The workshop will start with a summary of his rejoinder by  Professor William Twining, followed by comments by  Dr Fernanda Pirie and Professor  Brian Tamanaha,  who attends by special Centre invitation.  It is hoped that their remarks will provoke a lively exchange of ideas among all those present.

Everyone is welcome.

The reception that follows  the workshop  will provide an opportunity to further extend the conversation.