Dr Catherine Appleton, a former research officer and doctoral student at the Centre for Criminology, was awarded the '2011 Criminology Book Prize' for the book based on her doctoral thesis Life after Life Imprisonment (Oxford University Press, 2010). It offers a major insight into how societies respond to serious crime, why offenders are recalled and identifies important elements of successful reintegration for released offenders.

The Criminology book prize was established in 2001 originally sponsored by Willan Publishing and continues to reflect the desire of the British Society of Criminology and now Routledge, to encourage and recognise the achievements of new or aspiring members of the criminology profession. The judging panel looks for a book which shows evidence of particular distinction and/or innovation in methodology or theorising in the general field of criminology, or in the application of criminological theory or research to crime policy or penal practice. In essence the winning book must make a valuable contribution to the further development of criminology. For details on previous winners of the prize, please check the British Society of Criminology Prizes webpage.

Catherine Appleton is currently a Lecturer in Criminology and Criminal Justice at the School of Law the University of Leeds. Her staff profile is available online.