Report of the Thirteenth Annual Symposium on Competition Amongst Retailers and Suppliers

The report of the Thirteenth Annual Symposium on Trends in Retail Competition is now available and can be view here.

This year the Symposium considered pricing, unfair trading practices and the horizontal and vertical guidelines.

In the morning programme, perspectives were presented on vertical price fixing, the US approach to RPM and predatory pricing and the interplay between pricing and buyer power. The session on Unfair Trading Practices featured an assessment of the Australian Code of Conduct, the performance of the UK's Groceries Code of Practice and the perspective of the Fair Trade movement, closing with a panel discussion.

The afternoon programme concentrated on the horizontal and vertical guidelines, featuring presentations on the European Commission's e-commerce market investigation, parallel trade and selective distribution.

A panel discussion on the changing competition landscape closed the Symposium.

The Symposium was held in June 2017 and was hosted by the Institute of European and Comparative Law and the Centre for Competition Law and Policy. It was sponsored by Bristows LLP.