'Fundamental Concepts of Commercial Law' & 'The Development of Transnational Commercial Law' by Professor Sir Roy Goode QC

Fundamental Concepts of Commercial Law gathers together some of the many seminal papers contributed by Professor Goode to the field of commercial law. The volume spans topics of contract law, the law of unjust enrichment, personal property law, secured transactions law, and corporate insolvency law (among others), reflecting the breadth and depth of Sir Roy’s contribution to the field, and the innovative way he approached the subject of commercial law itself (“I regarded as within the purview of commercial law all those legal principles, from whatever branch of law they are drawn, which are relevant to the resolution of commercial disputes”). The volume also features new material, including a new essay ‘The Res Cogitans: Communis Error Facit Ius?’.

The Development of Transnational Commercial Law features work written over the course of Sir Roy’s career on the development of transnational commercial law, a subject which he pioneered in Oxford over 20 years ago. Particular attention is paid to the policies and problems of harmonisation, having regard both to theoretical insights and practical realities. Each essay selected for inclusion is supplemented by authorial commentary, provided through introductions to each section of the book, helping the reader to trace how the law has developed since, and often as a result of, the publication of each essay. This work also features a new essay written especially for the volume, ‘The Hague Convention on Intermediated Securities’.