New seminars on Law and Technology

This Term the Faculty will introduce its first series of seminars devoted to in-depth coverage of issues concerning the relationship between law and technology.

The seminars will be offered by Dr Justine Pila as part of the Faculty’s existing BCL/MJur Regulation course (convened by Dr Bettina Lange), and as an extension of the seminars previously taught by Drs Pila and Lange on regulating cyberspace. Using the regimes of property, privacy / data protection, and liability as case studies, their focus will be on the nature of the regulatory challenges created by digital and associated (e.g. bio) technologies and how those challenges might and ought to be met. By introducing them it is hoped to promote further engagement with the dramatic effects of new technologies on the conceptual foundations of law and, by considering different regulatory responses to those effects, to generate insights that develop our understanding of regulatory practice and theory.