Pavlos Elftheriadis, a candidate for the European Parliament in Greece

Pavlos Eleftheriadis, a professor of public law at the University of Oxford and fellow of Mansfield College, has for many years combined his academic interests with a strong commitment to public advocacy and public life, especially in relation to  the rule of law, human rights and environmental protection. This year he is a candidate for the European Parliament in Greece, his country of birth and citizenship. Although not a party member, he is on the list of New Democracy, a centre right party which is a member of the European People's Party. The election will be held on May 26th. 

Under Greek electoral law, an MEP is elected by those who vote for a particular party. Each voter has four choices from a list of forty two names provided in the party's ballot paper. Pavlos' five campaign  messages are related to plastic pollution, climate change, immigration and asylum reform, education opportunities and Eurozone fairness. He will be making a video for each message, which you will be able to find in his youtube channel. The attached photo is from the first one, on plastic pollution. You can follow Pavlos on twitter