CSLS Discussion Group: Call for Presentations

The Socio-Legal Discussion Group is a platform run by DPhil students at the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, which is a centre of multidisciplinary research into the nature and role of law in society.  The CSLS Discussion Group provides a space for DPhil students who work broadly on themes relating to law and society and who have completed their fieldwork or confirmation to discuss their research projects with researchers and students with similar interests. 

Students from a wide variety of disciplinary approaches, including law, sociology, anthropology, politics, international relations, human rights, economics, and geography, are welcome to present at the Discussion Group. The Discussion Group attracts a diverse audience and students preparing for the viva or confirmation may find it useful to receive feedback from peers. Students usually have 20-30 minutes maximum to present their work and their presentation is followed by a Q&A that lasts around 45 minutes. A sandwich lunch is provided.

Students interested in presenting should contact Lisa Hsin or Sila Ulucay no later than 25th September at studentrep@csls.ox.ac.uk with:

-a title for their presentation
-a short 100-word outline
-information about the stage of their DPhil and their department.

Lastly, A fully written paper is not necessary, and work in progress is most welcome!