Professor Christopher Hodges gave an online seminar/webcast on “Transforming Regulation – New Approaches in the Age of Data and Humans” for the Ontario Bar Association on 27 April 2020. The following is taken from their website:

"Traditionally, regulation has been based on rules and on deterrence. It’s been responsive, risk-based, data-driven, and outcome-focussed. But in a changing world, is it time to reconsider how we regulate businesses today?

Join us to hear from Professor Christopher Hodges, Professor of Justice Systems at Oxford University’s Faculty of Law, as he shares valuable insights on the Regulatory Delivery Model (RDM) and the concept of regulating through ethical culture. We will explore Ethical Business Practice and Regulation, and how these models can create the foundation for a more effective relationship between regulators and the businesses they regulate. Learn about new approaches to compliance and enforcement from across the globe, and how we can enhance regulation to ensure better outcomes at this valuable event."