Keith Hawkins, Emeritus Professor of Law and Society, has been given an Legacy Award by the Law and Society Association.

The LSA Legacy Award honors people whose contributions significantly helped to develop the Association through sustained commitment to the Association’s mission and legacy, extensive service, or scholarly publications that made a lasting contribution to the Association.

Keith Hawkins is an Emeritus Professor of Law and Society. His research interests are in the sociology of legal processes, and are concerned with legal decision making and the workings of governmental regulation in such areas as environmental control, and occupational health and safety regulations. Hawkins is the recipient of LSA’s 2003 Herbert Jacob Book Prize for his book, Law as Last Resort: Prosecution Decision-Making in a Regulatory Agency (Oxford University Press, 2003).

The Law and Society Association is an interdisciplinary scholarly organization committed to social scientific, interpretive and historical analyses of law across multiple social contexts.  For sociolegal scholars, law is not only the words of official documents.  Law also can be found in the diverse understandings and practices of people interacting within domains that law governs, in the claims that people make for legal redress of injustices and in the coercive power exercised to enforce lawful order.  Sociolegal scholars also address evasions of law, resistance and defiance toward law, and alternatives to law in structuring social relations.