Rebecca Williams Delivers Future of Legal Education Keynote

In her keynote talk for The Future of Legal Education and Training Conference 2020 (LegalEdCon London, organised by Legal Cheek), Professor Rebecca Williams has announced the first findings of the ‘Law and Technology Education’ research stream which is part of a large-scale multidisciplinary project ‘Unlocking the Potential of Artificial Intelligence for English Law’.

The law and technology education stream addresses the need to educate law students and professionals to deliver legal services in the digital economy and to enable them to respond to technological change, while also equipping software engineers with an awareness of and an ability to work with legal education.

The keynote talk entitled ‘21st Century Legal Education: A University Perspective’ (watch a video below) gave an overview of five core skills and knowledge gaps that need to be filled if lawyers want to provide tech-enhanced legal services. These findings from the empirical and experimental part of the Law and Technology Education research stream were presented in the context of broader questions around the changing role of law schools as gatekeepers to legal profession in England and Wales and questions around 21st century skills and knowledge more generally.

Watch a short version of Professor William’s keynote: