Oxford team through to Semi-Finals of the Nelson Mandela World Human Rights Moot 2020

A picture of Sushrut Royyuru (on the left) and Mihir Rajamane (on the right).
The Oxford team at the Nelson Mandela World Human Rights Moot 2020 comprises of Mihir Rajamane (BA Jurisprudence, Magdalen College) and Sushrut Royyuru (BA Jurisprudence, Magdalen College). The team is being coached by Sameer Rashid Bhat (DPhil in Public Policy, Linacre College). 
After being selected through the Blackstone Human Rights Moot 2020 internally, the team qualified for the preliminary rounds of the moot on the basis of their memorial, as one of the top 10 in their region. In the preliminary rounds, they had two matchups, once as respondent and once as appellant. On the basis of their performance, they were ranked the 4th best team in the preliminaries and qualified for the quarter-finals, set to be held in the 1st week of November. Sushrut Royyuru was also the 4th best oralist in the preliminary rounds. After a knockout quarter final round, the team has now progressed to the semi-finals. The Mooting Programme at the Oxford Law Faculty wishes the team the best for the advanced rounds!