Oxford Transitional Justice Research (OTJR) Convenor

OTJR is looking to appoint one or two persons to convene the group for the next year.

OTJR Convenor advert

Oxford Transitional Justice Research (OTJR) is an inter-disciplinary network of approximately 700 academics, practitioners and students working on issues of transition in societies undergoing or recovering from mass conflict and/or repressive rule.  Founded in 2007, it is now one of the largest and most diverse academic communities conducting research in this field. OTJR hosts a weekly academic seminar, which brings leading researchers and practitioners to Oxford to discuss aspects of their work.  OTJR is dedicated to producing high-quality scholarship that connects intimately to practical and policy questions in transitional justice, including research within the following themes: domestic and international prosecutions; truth commissions and other truth-recovery processes; commemoration and memorialisation; local and traditional practices; compensation and reparations; and institutional reform.

Duration and hours

Total number of hours of work available: 288

Start date:  28 October 2020

Date by which the work must be completed:  27 October 2021


The OTJR Convenor will report to the Assistant Director of the Centre for Criminology (Prof Rachel Condry).


OTJR is looking to appoint one or two persons to convene the group for the next year. The person or persons appointed to this post will be responsible for ensuring the day-to-day running of Oxford Transitional Justice Research. These responsibilities include:

  • Convening and chairing regular OTJR committee meetings in accordance with the OTJR Constitution;
  • Overseeing the organisation, administration, and advertisement of OTJR’s weekly seminar series, including chairing the seminars; the seminars will be held in a live, online format (webinars) until further notice.
  • Recording the weekly seminars/webinars and liaising the University Media Team to upload the recordings to and maintain OTJR’s Online Podcast Series;
  • Recruiting and managing OTJR’s annual Executive Committee.
  • Overseeing OTJR’s editorial relationship with Fondation Hirondelle in co-operation with the editorial team of OTJR’s Executive Committee;
  • Liaising with OTJR’s Steering Committee.
  • Managing OTJR’s relationship with the Centre for Criminology and the Law Faculty, and monitoring OTJR’s budget in liaison with the Administration of the Centre for Criminology and the Law Faculty.
  • Liaising with the Development Office of the Law Faculty with regard to exploring and securing further funding opportunities for OTJR.


  • Proven skills or experience equivalent to those derived from holding a degree. 
  • Research expertise in a field related to transitional justice.
  • Excellent administrative and communication skills.
  • The ability to work to tight deadlines.                                                                  


  • Understanding of the work of Oxford Transitional Justice Research.
  • Experience with working on and leading an interdisciplinary, global research network.
  • Experience with working on and leading a committee.
  • Fundraising skills and experience.


This position is open to current graduate research students in the Law Faculty and other Departments across the Social Sciences Division and the hours are in line with the restrictions on working hours for students.  It is expected that the work will be undertaken in the UK.

Rate of Pay

This will be paid at the rate of £14.66 per hour (based on Grade 5 point 4)  plus holiday pay of £2.50 per hour.


This position is funded by the Planethood Foundation.

How to Apply

A short CV and cover letter (including the name of your supervisor, if any) should be sent by email to Rachel.condry@law.ox.ac.uk by 9 October 2020. Please explain how you meet the requirements for the role, and give details of your availability.

Supervisors may be asked for a reference. 

Informal enquiries may be emailed to Rachel.condry@law.ox.ac.uk.