On 29 July, The Jewish Chronicle published an interview with Saul Lehrfreund, Co-Executive Director of the DPRU’s partner organisation The Death Penalty Project (DPP).

The interview covers Saul's history of fighting the death penalty over almost 30 years, and the evolution of the work of The DPP through a series of landmark legal judgments during that time.

Reflecting on the significance of the recent announcement that Sierra Leone would abolish the death penalty for all crimes – an outcome which The DPP had contributed to along with the DPRU and AdvocAid - Saul commented:

"When I went to work that morning, Sierra Leone still had the death penalty and there were 80 or 90 prisoners on death row. When I left the office that evening, its parliament had voted to abolish it, and death row didn’t exist. All those prisoners, who’ve spent years expecting to be hanged — some will now be judged to have served their time, and released."

The interview can be read in full on The Jewish Chronicle website: https://www.thejc.com/news/features/the-lawyer-who-saved-1-000-from-the-noose-1.519120

Portrait photo of Saul Lehrfreund