Tax Law Research Group Inaugural Research Workshop

The Tax Law Research Group's DPhil students presented their work-in-progress during a two-day workshop at Worcester college.  We have discussed students’ research projects in their various stages on domestic as well as international tax, dealing with individual, corporate and trust taxation from a variety of theoretical and methodological perspectives.
Paul Brice discussed the UK tax system support of disabled people; Michael Lennard presented A renewed, inclusive, and networked multilateralism for international tax norms; Isaac Agyiri Danso asked whether the global tax negotiations are truly inclusive? using a critical analysis of African countries’ perspective; Heydon Wardell-Burrus considered The Strategic responses states and MNEs may adopt in response to the emerging Pillar 2; Jasna Voje (re)imagined EU Tax Base: Consolidation without federalization?Tizhong Liao considered The political economy of China's tax policy;  Amedeo Rizzo discussed Innovative tax policy for growth and development; Marcel Roche took a comparative view on The tax treatment of trusts in common and civil law jurisdiction; and finally Aikaterini Antoniou reconsidered Taxpayers’ participatory rights in the process of EU Exchange of Information.  

(L-R: Amedeo Rizzo, Isaac Agyiri Danso, Daisy Ogembo, Michael Lennard, Paul Brice, Heydon Wardell-Burrus, Glen Loutzenhiser, David Tipping, Judith Freedman, Aikaterini Antoniou, John Vella, Tsilly Dagan, Jasna Voje)