Aline Albuquerque

Research Visitor, Trinity Term and Summer 2018


Aline Albuquerque obtained an LLM from the University of State of Rio de Janeiro, and a Ph.D. from the University of Brasilia. She previously researched the interface between bioethics and human rights as a doctorate researcher at the Institute of Biomedical Ethics - University of Zurich. She was also a postdoctoral researcher in the Human Rights Centre - University of Essex, where she developed her research examining human rights of patients. Aline Albuquerque was also a postdoctoral researcher in the Institute of Human Rights -Emory University, where she worked on the right to health and human rights monitoring. 

Aline is a Federal Attorney in Brazil and has held office as the Head of the Legal Body of the Ministry of Human Rights. Aline Albuquerque also serves as a member of boards and advisory councils within a number of Brazilian governmental bodies working in the fields of health, bioethics and human rights, including the National Health Council. 

She is also a Professor at the Bioethics PhD Program of the University of Brasília and the Coordinator of the Bioethics and Human Rights of Patients Observatory.

Aline Albuquerque’s research interests are in the field of patient’s rights, bioethics and human rights and right to health.