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Andrea is a Junior Research Fellow in Law at Trinity College and a Research Associate of the Programme for the Foundations of Law and Constitutional Government in the Oxford Law Faculty. Before joining Trinity College, he was a Lecturer in Law at University College and St. Hilda's College. At the University of Oxford, Andrea attained a MSt in Legal Research and a DPhil in Law. During his DPhil, he co-convened the Oxford Jurisprudence Discussion Group. Andrea also holds a PhD in Legal Philosophy and Bioethics from the University of Genoa (Italy).

In his research, Andrea engages with the complex socio-legal reality of the nation-state, considering how the recent processes of globalisation may challenge our understanding of state institutions. In particular, his scholarship focuses on the idea of state sovereignty, the function of municipal law, and the nature of legal norms. Andrea values interdisciplinary research and his work draws insights from philosophy, history, literature, and politics.

Andrea has extensive teaching experience at undergraduate and postgraduate level. At the University of Oxford, Andrea has taught Jurisprudence, Constitutional Law, Constitutional Theory, and Comparative Constitutional Law. As a course convenor on the Master in Global Rule of Law and Constitutional Democracy, co-run by the Universities of Genoa and Girona, he has designed and taught a course on legal reasoning and judicial discretion; and, more recently, a course on the morality of the Rule of Law.

Andrea enjoys collaborating with colleagues based in other jurisdictions and has presented his research in the UK, Europe, Canada and Australia. He is a member of the ‘Membership and Exclusion under Constitutions’ research group (convened by Professor Patricia Mindus under the auspices of the International Association of Constitutional Law) and a Corresponding Fellow of the Tarello Institue for Legal Philosohy (University of Genoa). Andrea serves on the editorial boards of Revus: Journal for constitutional theory and philosophy of law and of Analisi e Diritto (an international, multi-lingual journal in legal theory).

For more information about Andrea, see this recent interview for the 'Jurisprudence in Oxford' subject page.


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Chapter (4)

A Dolcetti, '[Animals, Vegetarianism and Veganism] Animali, Vegetarianismo e Veganesimo' in I Fanlo and P Donadoni (eds), Ambiente, Animali, Umani - Il Pensiero Bioetico di Silvana Castignone (Ledizioni 2018)
A Dolcetti and GB Ratti, '[Legal disagreements revisited] I disaccordi giuridici rivisitati' in GB Ratti (ed), Studi sulla Logica del Diritto e della Scienza Giuridica (Marcial Pons 2013)

Journal Article (4)

A Dolcetti and GB Ratti, '[Legal defeasibility as a complex systematic relationship] La derrotabilidad jurídica como relación sistemática compleja' (2016) Analisi e Diritto
A Dolcetti and GB Ratti, '[Legal disagreements and deep agreements - a reply to Pablo Martín Perot] Desacuerdos interpretativos y acuerdos profundos - Réplica a Pablo Martín Perot' (2012) Analisi e Diritto

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Legal Theory, Public Law, Constitutional Theory, Comparative Constitutional Law, Epistemology of the Social Sciences


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Jurisprudence, Constitutional Theory, Constitutional Law (Mods)

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