Andriani holds MSc qualifications from Oxford and LSE in Criminology and Criminal Justice and in Gender and Social Policy respectively. She has worked as a research assistant for a project on border policing and the intersection of security, gender and human rights supported by Monash University and the University of Oxford. As a professional located in Greece, she has managed EU programmes on providing support to detainees, victims of torture and unaccompanied minors. Andriani joined the department to work alongside Dr Mary Bosworth on the border control project and is currently the Managing Editor of the Border Criminologies' blog. Her future interests include exploring the Greek-Turkish border reception facilities and also expand the research on immigration detention by focusing on all the actors involved in order to better capture the practice, purpose and impact of immigration detention in Greece.


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  • Fili, 'Women in Prison: Victims or Resisters? Reflections on representation from Greece' (2013) Signs
  • Fili and M Bosworth, 'Corrections, Gender-Specific Programming and Offender Re-entry' in C Renzetti, S Miller, S Gover (ed), Handbook of Gender and Crime Studies (Routledge 2010)



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