Andriani Fili

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Andriani is a Research Associate at the Centre for Criminology, University of Oxford. She is also the Managing Editor of the Border Criminologies blog and social media. As a researcher located in Greece, she has been part of international research on immigration detention, human rights and border control and has published widely on these issues. She is currently part of a project that aims to visualise what goes on in detention centres in order to increase public access to knowledge about immigration and the treatment of immigrants in detention settings. As a former practitioner, she has spent time in immigration detention centres all over Athens supporting and representing immigrant detainees, victims of torture and unaccompanied minors. She has also managed EU programmes on providing services to victims of torture and unaccompanied minors. Her PhD research is the first national study of immigration detention centres in the country. As such, it aims to map the immigration detention system and to record resistance mobilized against it. In doing so, it hopes to provide a critical account of state power and offer glimpses of hope about change in confinement institutions.

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