Anirudh Belle

DPhil Law

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Private Law Research Group Pembroke College


Anirudh is a DPhil in Law candidate. Alongside the DPhil, he also teaches as lecturer in private law at Pembroke College, Oxford.

Anirudh's DPhil research addresses a range of issues in private law, but is principally concerned with themes in Equity, trusts and the law of property. His doctoral study, supervised by Professor Ben McFarlane and Dr Aruna Nair, examines the law on claims relating to ‘new’ rights. The project addresses a fundamental question: how, and for what reasons, does Equity allow individuals to acquire new rights with respect to property? The focus is on cases where there is an initial property right, and there is then a question as to: (i) if the right claimed is the same as that of a pre-existing right or is a new right; and (ii) if it is a new right, what are the reasons for which it arises. The aims of this project are to clarify the state of the law in this area, to examine if there are good reasons for the law to take the form it presently does, and to work out a principled framework within which cases can be best analysed and their outcomes understood.

At Oxford, in addition to the DPhil, Anirudh has co-convened the Obligations Discussion Group and the Private Law Postgraduate Research Students’ Discussion Group.

Prior to taking up doctoral studies, Anirudh read, as an Inlaks Scholar, on the Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL) programme at Oxford, graduating with a Distinction. He also holds a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) degree from the Jindal Global Law School (India) and a B.A. in Economics degree from Loyola College, Chennai (India).

Research Interests

Private Law, Property Law, Equity and Trusts, Law of Obligations, Commercial Law

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