Ann-Marie Debrah is reading for a Dphil in Socio-Legal Studies, under the supervision of Professor Linda Mulcahy. Her research, explores the emergence of affirmative action tribunals(race verification boards) in Brazil for Afro Brazilians engaging with affirmative action laws for entry into higher education and employment in the public sector. Her research draws upon 19th century concepts of race, colonialism and theories pursuant to decolonisation of the law. Her doctoral project  is generously funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC Grand Union Doctoral Training Partnership), Exonian award and the Black Academic Futures Scholarship.

Previously, Ann-Marie read History at King’s College London, after undertaking the law conversion course at City University funded by Inner Temple. Ann-Marie gained her MSc in Law and Society from Leiden University. During this time Ann-Marie has worked as a caseworker for Care4Calais, Citizens Advice Bureau and has most recently worked as a Policy and Research Analyst for Curia and Chamber UK. 

In addition to Socio-Legal Studies, Ann-Marie has a passion for intersectional feminist studies, reflections on class relations and a passion for research into immigration, policing, punishment and technology.  

Research projects & programmes

Centre for Socio-Legal Studies