Ansgar Ohly

Visiting Professor


Ansgar Ohly joined the Law Faculty as a Visiting Professor in October 2009. He holds law degrees from the Universities of Bonn, Cambridge (LL M) and Munich (Dr jur), and he is the Chair for Civil Law, Intellectual Property and Competition Law at the University of Munich. He is also a Visiting Senior Member of St Peter’s College and an Honorary Bencher of the Middle Temple.

Prior to joining the Munich faculty, he was head of the Commonwealth section of the Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property and Competition Law and professor at the University of Bayreuth.

Ansgar’s main fields of academic interest are all areas of intellectual property law, the law of unfair competition and the rights of personality and privacy. He is especially interested in European developments and in the comparison of civil law and common law systems. Recent publications include the volume “The Europeanization of Intellectual Property Law” (OUP 2013, co-edited with Dr Justine Pila), a study on German copyright law and the internet (Beck 2014, general report for the German Lawyers’ Congress 2014) and a commentary on the German law of unfair competition (Beck 2016, with Prof Olaf Sosnitza). He is also the co-editor of GRUR, the leading German intellectual property journal.

Research projects & programmes

Oxford Intellectual Property Research Centre