Dr Ciara Kennefick is Career Development Fellow in Law at The Queen’s College.


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  • C Kennefick, 'Violence in the Reformed Napoleonic Code: the Surprising Survival of Third Parties ' in John Cartwright and Simon Whittaker (eds), The Code Napoléon Rewritten: French Contract Law after the 2016 Reforms (Hart 2017)
  • C Kennefick, 'La faute de l'appauvri: comparaisons anglo-françaises sur l'enrichissement injustifié' (2015) Revue des Contrats 961
  • C Kennefick, 'La surprenante histoire de la lésion en droit français et en droit anglais' (2013) Revue des Contrats 1531


Research Interests

English private law; French private law; Comparative private law; Legal history

Options taught

Tort, Trusts

Research projects