Hannah is currently a research student at the Centre for Health, Law, and Emerging Technologies (HeLEX) and is supervised by Professor Jane Kaye and Dr. Bettina Lange.

Her work, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, is titled 'Exploring Differences in Legal Permissibility and Societal Acceptability of Secondary Uses of Adinistrative Data in Social Science Research.' Her these will consider how the law can protect and advance the privacy and other expectations of individuals while also promoting the public good created from resuing previously collected administrative theory in social science research. During her research, Hannah will seek to identify citizens' expectations as to the use of their data, compare how far these are reflected in the current law, and explore the underlying drivers for any differences to inform future policy development. 

During her PhD, Hannah secured an internship with Policy Lab, part of the Cabinet Office of the UK Government where she was able to learn more about people-centred, data driven, policy development within Government. She developed a richer understanding on the use of co-production and co-design of policy responses to societal challenges in the context of improving inclusion in the Civil Service and co-designing policy responses with people with disabilities. 

Hannah has acted as a Research Assistant on the Artificial Intelligence for English Law Project, helping to produce a report on the opportunities and constraints arising from the creation of a justice data infratructure. She is currently working on a project for the Bonavero Institute, in conjuction with the Alan Turing Institute and the Open Data Institute, on the barriers to data sharing in the context of modern slavery.

Hannah teaches EU Law and Constitutional Law at Magdalen College.

Prior to her research, Hannah completed the BCL at Merton College, University of Oxford, in 2016 and obtained a First Class degree in Jurisprudence from the same institution in 2014.


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J Bell, S E Wallace, M Mourby and H Smith, 'Lawful disclosure of administrative data for research purposes in the UK' (2019) 2 Journal of Data Protection & Privacy 264
M Mourby, S Aidinlis and H Smith, 'Virtues out of necessity? A review of the progress of the UK Data Protection Bill 2017-18' (2017) 167 New Law Journal 11

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