Hannah joined the University of Western Australia in 2022 as a Research Fellow at the Minderoo Tech & Policy Lab Her work contributes to a cross-dipsciplinary exploration of the implications of technological advances to develop responses that ensure technology serves the needs of citizens, rather than the other way around.

In 2021, Hannah received her DPhil in Socio-Legal Studies where she contrasted legal and societal understandings of appropriate reuses of administrative data in research. The thesis explored the implications of divergences between law and society for the law's legitimacy to advocate for a greater inclusion of the citizen in the legislative process.

Throughout her studies, Hannah worked on a range of projects that considered the implications of technological innovations, including as a Research Fellow for the Unlocking the Potential of Artificial Intelligence for English Law project and as part of a project with the Alan Turing Institute considering barriers to data sharing in the context of modern slavery policy interventions. She also interned at Policy Lab, part of the Cabinet Office within the UK Government where she explored data-driven, human-centred, and design-oriented approaches to policy-making.

Hannah was a Stipendiary Lecturer at Magdalen College, University of Oxford where she taught Constitutional Law and EU Law. She has experience teaching Administrative Law at undergraduate level, has delivered seminars for the BCL regulation course, and was actively involved in a range of Access and Outreach initiatives delivered by the Faculty of Law.

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