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Julie Dickson (LLB, Dip. L.P. Glasgow; MA, DPhil Oxf.) is Professor of Legal Philosophy in the Faculty of Law, and Fellow and Senior Law Tutor at Somerville College. After completing an undergraduate law degree at the University of Glasgow in her native Scotland, and a D. Phil in Philosophy of Law at Balliol College, Oxford, she held lectureships at the University of Leicester and University College London before taking up a Fellowship in Law at Somerville College in 2002.

Professor Dickson works mainly in general jurisprudence or philosophy of law, and especially on methodological issues, and her publications on this topic include her books, Evaluation and Legal Theory (2001): Evaluation and Legal Theory: : Legal Theory Today Julie Dickson Hart Publishing (bloomsbury.com) , and Elucidating Law (2022) Elucidating Law - Julie Dickson - Oxford University Press (oup.com) She is also interested in theoretical aspects of transnational law, especially European Union Law, including the theory of legal systems in the EU context. In 2012, together with her colleague Professor Pavlos Eleftheriadis, she co-edited and contributed to a volume presenting some of the best contemporary work combining legal and political philosophy and European Union law: Philosophical Foundations of European Union Law - Julie Dickson, Pavlos Eleftheriadis - Oxford University Press (oup.com)

Professor Dickson teaches Jurisprudence and European Union Law at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and has been the recipient of a University of Oxford teaching excellence award and nominated for an "Outstanding Tutor" award in the student-led Oxford Students Union teaching awards. She serves on the editorial board of several journals, including Legal Theory, Law and Philosophy, Transnational Legal Theory, the Oxford Journal of Legal Studies and Problema, and was the Review Articles editor of the Oxford Journal of Legal Studies from 2003-2016.

Professor Dickson's latest book on the methodology of Legal Philosophy, Elucidating Law, has recently been published by Oxford University Press: Elucidating Law - Julie Dickson - Oxford University Press (oup.com)  She is now working on a short book on the possibility and potential of content-independence in law (under contract with Cambridge University Press). She is also a keen amateur photographer with a particular interest in wildlife photography.

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Research Interests

Jurisprudence, Philosophy of Law, European Union Law, Philosophy of European Union Law, Transnational legal theory.