Lasara Kariyawasam

Post Doctoral Research Fellow


Lasara Kariyawasam is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow for the Centre for Criminology at University of Oxford, working on the project "3PO, Protecting public-facing professionals and their dependents online". Her main research interests lie within Clinical and Forensic Psychology. She has specific interests in cross-cultural research and protecting vulnerable individuals from online risks and harms and has carried out several published researches on compassion and self-harming in relation to cross-cultural contexts, post-natal depression, and ethics in mental health. She was previously engaged in the "BeGood Project" within the Department of Psychiatry and Neuroscience at the University of Oxford, where Lasara and her team conducted research on "Adolescents' perspectives on data sharing in the age of predictive psychiatry".

Lasara completed her PhD at the University of Southampton on exploring and evaluating the cross-cultural applicability of compassion-based interventions. She also completed an MSc in Clinical Psychology at the University of Southampton and received the Dean's List Awards for the degree average, part average, and dissertation performance in addition to passing her MSc with a Distinction. During her MSc, Lasara also worked as an Honorary Assistant Psychologist for the Learning Disability Team at the Southern Health NHS Trust. 

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