Nicolaos Stavropoulos

Professor of Law and Philosophy



B. Jur. (Athens), LL.M. (Lond), D.Phil. (Oxon).

Nicolaos (Nicos) Stavropoulos is Professor of Law and Philosophy, one of the three permanent posts in legal philosophy established by the University. He teaches and supervises research in legal philosophy. His research interests are in legal and political philosophy and the philosophy of language. His book Objectivity in Law was published by the Clarendon Press. He is currently working on a book on the grounds of law, which explores the mechanism through which political institutions shape the law. In recent work he explores different approaches to this fundamental explanation and the role of language within it.

Stavropoulos completed the DPhil at Brasenose. Prior to joining the Faculty he practiced for several years, and served as Special Adviser in policy units under the Minister of Energy and Industry of Greece and at the Secretariat of the Cabinet under the Prime Minister of Greece.

Stavropoulos has been a LAPA Fellow at Princeton University. He serves on the board of Legal Theory and Law and Philosophy.

Stavropoulos co-hosts The Jurisprudes, a podcast in legal philosophy.



Research Interests

Jurisprudence, Legal Philosophy, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind, Political Philosophy, Metaphysics, Philosophy