Sangh Rakshita

Researcher, Algorithms at Work

Other affiliations

Faculty of Law


Rakshita is a Researcher on Algorithmic Management at the Bonavero Institute of Human Rights, University of Oxford for the project ‘iMANAGE - Rethinking Employment Law for a World of Algorithmic Management’. Her research focuses upon law and policy frameworks for regulation of algorithmic management using principles from data protection law, labour law and equality law, specifically from a comparative lens of Europe and Global South. Rakshita also teaches Regulation of Internet Technologies for Stanford University.

She completed her master’s in law (BCL) from the University of Oxford. Before joining Oxford, she worked as a law and technology researcher at the Centre for Communication Governance, India and as a legislative assistant in the Parliament of India (LAMP fellow) where she drafted and submitted legislative interventions focused on digital rights. Rakshita has collaborated and consulted with various international organisations and research groups such as the United Nations Development Programme, Freedom House, High Level Panel of Legal Experts on Media Freedom, Internet Society, Oxford Pro bono Publico, Human Rights Watch and UN IGF on issues of data protection, digital identity, content moderation, internet shutdowns, freedom of speech and regulation of AI. Rakshita also has experience of consulting on matters of automation of law with RegGenome.

Rakshita's research interests lie at the intersection of law, public policy, human rights and technology.

Research Interests

  • AI Regulation
  • Equality law
  • Privacy and data protection law
  • Employment and labour law
  • Internet Governance
  • Digital Rights
  • Law and Tech