Tiffany Boughtwood (BSc MBA) is the Program Manager of Australian Genomics, responsible for the executive operations of this collaborative research network across Australia. 

Tiffany has over 20 years’ experience in molecular biology and research management.   She has led accredited genomic sequencing facilities, operated academic and accredited diagnostic laboratories, engaged in research in neurodegenerative diseases and cancer, and consulted in genomic implementation and project management.

Over the past three years with Australian Genomics, Tiffany has managed a distributed network of staff to support the coordination, delivery and process evaluation of this large $55M program of work.  In this time, the Australian Genomics collaboration has tripled in size to over 80 partner institutions, and over 400 investigators and collaborators. It enrols participants across every Australian state and territory through 32 hospitals, into clinical flagship projects in rare diseases, cancers and reproductive carrier screening. 25,000 Australians will be enrolled and offered genomic healthcare through Australian Genomics-led programs by 2022.

Tiffany is a passionate proponent of the potential of genomics in healthcare, and is dedicated to the delivery of the Australian Genomics vision both locally, and internationally.

Australian Genomics Health Alliance:

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