Yongkeun Park


Yongkeun Park currently presides as a judge at the Seoul Central District Court. During his tenure at the Seoul Administrative Court, the only administrative law court in South Korea, he progressed from an Associate Judge to the role of Presiding Judge. He authored several theses on administrative law, including 'Appraisal Method for Lost Obstacles' (2019) and 'A Study on the Taxpayer of Customs in Overseas Direct Purchase Transactions' (2016).

In 2022, the Korean Court of Justice appointed him as a "Research Judge," allowing him to undertake advanced research at the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, Faculty of Law, University of Oxford. From 2021 to 2022, he contributed to academia by teaching as an adjunct professor at premier institutions, including Yonsei University Law School, Ewha Woman’s University Law School, and Sogang University Law School.

His research delves into the nexus of technology, commerce, and legal regulations. A significant portion of his work is dedicated to net neutrality and its relationship with network usage fees. In our evolving digital age, where equal treatment of internet data is essential, a narrow interpretation of net neutrality might inadvertently benefit tech giants like Netflix. Committed to understanding this dynamic, he seeks a balance that both champions innovation and ensures digital fairness.

Furthermore, he has explored the intricacies of intellectual property rights in the UK and other European regions. With technological advancements occurring at a breakneck pace, related disputes are becoming increasingly complex. His studies aim to decipher how European Injunction systems address these challenges, aspiring to both protect inventors and foster continued innovation.

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