The AHRC Network Grant provides up to £30,000 full economic cost (fEC), for a period of up to two years. A further threshold of up to £15,000 in addition to the £30,000 full economic cost may be sought to cover the costs of any international participants, co-investigator or activities. The Research Networking Scheme is intended to support forums for the discussion and exchange of ideas on a specified thematic area, issue or problem. Although the Research Networking scheme is primarily aimed at the development of new networks and interactions, existing networks can also apply where they are addressing a new or novel area. The Network scheme must also support the AHRC’s vision and strategy.


Though you cannot request funds to cover a salary or teaching buy-out via this scheme, the PI / CoI would be expected to include a few hours a week of their time on the application. For more detailed explanation, please visit the "I need my salary to be covered" section of this website.

Detailed eligibility criteria are set out within the AHRC research funding guide.

The AHRC will be piloting a policy to allow international researchers to act as Co-Investigators on Research Networking proposals. This policy will apply to proposals received until 31 December 2016.


The scheme exists to support collaboration and the exchange of ideas across boundaries, primarily between researchers in the arts and humanities, as well as with colleagues in other disciplines and other stakeholders in order to explore a particular theme, issue or problem.

The AHRC attaches major importance to the position of UK arts and humanities research in the international and global arena and positively encourages active collaboration between UK researchers and those in other countries.

You can submit proposals to this call at any time - there are no fixed closing dates. 

Applications should be made via the Joint Electronic Submission System (Je-S). Please allow sufficient time to read the system guidance notes especially with regards to the on-line approval process.

For further information (including guidance and advice on writing an application) please refer to the AHRC research funding guide.


Please allow sufficient time for your application to be reviewed and amended at each stage. This will allow us to support you more effectively and ensure that your proposal is ready for formal submission.

Law Faculty deadline for initial expression of interest30 Days prior to proposed submission
Law Faculty deadline for first draft review15 Days prior to proposed submission
Research Services deadline5 Days prior to proposed submission
Funder deadlineNot applicable - Open Call

The AHRC aims to inform applicants of the outcome within five months of submission. The proposed start date of your project must be at least 6 months from date of submission.