Contained amongst the Career Briefings on the Careers website are four that might be of particular interest to students who wish to pursue a career in law. They are the role of a barristera solicitor roles in International Law and careers in academia. If you follow these links, you will find a general introduction to working in the sector, the skills that are required, entry points and training, how to gain experience, how to get a job, courses & funding, information sources and further reading. These briefings also cover information and resources for students wishing to follow a legal route into the public and not-for-profit sectors. Students are also welcome to contact Oxford Law Alumni working in both the public and private sectors through the Career Service’s online database, “The Oxford Careers Network” which can be accessed through CareerConnect on the main website.

At Careers Events

Across the academic year, the Careers Service also organises events that are specifically designed to help students wishing to pursue a career in law. Often these are held at the Law Faculty. Typically, they will include:

  • The Annual Law Fair – usually in early November, with approximately 90 law firms, chambers, legal education providers and other legal organisations including the Government Legal Service, the Legal Aid Practitioners’ Group, the Free Representation Unit and Young Legal Aid Lawyers. All supported with a series of relevant talks.
  • CV Writing for 1st year law students – usually in Trinity Term
  • Internships and Careers for 2nd year law students – usually in Week 1 or 2 of Michaelmas
  • Applying for Solicitor Vacation Schemes – usually in Michaelmas
  • Applying for Pupillage – usually in Hilary
  • Commerical Awareness for Future Lawyers – Michaelmas and Hilary
  • Solicitor Mock Interviews – every term.

These are in addition to the many talks and events run by law firms, chambers and other legal organisations throughout the year. Details of all our events can be found on the CareerConnect section of the Careers Service website.

In person

Careers appointments held in the Law Faculty are run by Advisers from the Careers Service ( usually Juliet Tomlinson) and typically are organised for every Thursday, Weeks 1-8, every term, between 2-4pm (times may vary) in Room 101in the St Cross Building.You can book them using CareerConnect. If you are unable to book one at the Faculty, then please find one of the slots available at the Careers Service. The only difference is the location!