British Academy Talent Development Awards

Notify Faculty of intention to apply by: 12 August 2024

Funder deadline: 11 September 2024

Apply for funding to support training, events, course development or development of new methods that promote the building of skills and capacities for current and future generations, including in core areas like quantitative skills, interdisciplinarity, data science, digital humanities and languages.



Eligible Lead Applicants must be ordinarily resident in the United Kingdom with a current long-term appointment that will continue for at least as long as the period of the award at a UK-based institution. Applicants should be intending to pursue original, independent research in any field of study within the humanities or social sciences.


Duration and Value

The maximum grant is £10,000. Awards are to enable engagement activities to take place and are not intended as time buy-out for the award-holder. The awards are for a minimum period of 6 months and up to a maximum period of 12 months (start dates to be confirmed).


How to Apply

Applications must be submitted online using the British Academy's Grant Management System (GMS), Flexi-Grant®. The deadline for submissions and is Wednesday 11 September 2024 (17:00 BST). Further details are available on the British Academy’s webpage for this opportunity.

Internal Deadlines:

Research Services: 4 September 2024

Expressions of Interest: 12 August 2024 (please e-mail

Scheme opens: 19 June 2024

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