Christopher McCrudden received his legal education in Belfast (LL.B.), Yale University (LL.M.), and Oxford (D.Phil.). He is currently Professor of Human Rights and Equality Law at Queen's University Belfast and a Fellow of the British Academy. He was formerly Professor of Human Rights Law at the University of Oxford and is now a Visiting Professor here at Oxford.


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  • J C McCrudden, 'Consociationalism, Equality and Minorities in the Northern Ireland Bill of Rights Debate: The Role of the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities' in J. Morison, K. McEvoy and G. Anthony (eds), Judges, Transition and Human Rights Cultures (OUP 2007)
    Book chapter considering the relationship between consociationalism and international human rights law, using recent events in Northern Ireland as a case study.
    ISBN: 978-0-19-920493-9
  • J C McCrudden, 'Corporate Social Responsibility and Public Procurement' in Doreen McBarnet, Aurora Voiculescu, Tom Campbell (ed), The New Corporate Accountability: Corporate Social Responsibility and the Law (Cambridge University Press 2007)
    A study of the interconnections between the use of procurement for achieving social policy outcomes by government and the growth of Corporate Social Responsibility
  • J C McCrudden, 'Northern Ireland and the British Constitution Since the Belfast Agreement' in J Jowell and D Oliver (eds), The Changing Constitution (OUP, 6th edition 2007)
    This chapter explains the current constitutional debate in Northern Ireland and how it differs from that in the rest of the UK in significant respects/
    ISBN: 978-0199205110
  • J C McCrudden, Buying Social Justice (OUP 2007)
    DOI: 10.1093/acprof:oso/9780199232420.001.0001
    ISBN: 978-0-19-923242-0
  • J C McCrudden, 'United Kingdom: Progress, Problems and Opportunities' in Ann Numhauser-Henning (ed), Women in Academia and Equality Law. Aiming High-Falling Short? (2006)
    Book chapter considering recent evidence relating to the position of women in British academic employment, together with an assessment of the legal tools currently being employed to improve the position of women in this context.
    ISBN: 90 411 2427 6
  • J C McCrudden, 'Legal Research and the Social Sciences' (2006) 122(Oct) Law Quarterly Review 632
    ISBN: 0023-933X
  • J C McCrudden, 'Foreword' in Peter Blanck (ed), Disability Rights (Ashgate 2005)
    Foreword to an edited collection of articles on the legal regulation of disability discrimination.
    ISBN: 754624528
  • J C McCrudden, 'Mainstreaming and Human Rights' in Colin Harvey (ed), Human Rights in the Community: Rights as Agents for Change (Hart 2005)
    Discussion of the concept of mainstreaming, and its possible application to human rights in the United Kingdom
    ISBN: 1841134465
  • J C McCrudden, 'The Contribution of the EU Fundamental Rights Agency to Combating Discrimination and Promoting Equality.' in Philip Alston and Olivier de Schutter (eds), Monitoring Fundamental Rights in the EU: the Contribution of the Fundamental Rights Agency (Hart Publishing 2005)
  • J C McCrudden, 'Thinking About the Discrimination Directives' (2005) 1 European Anti-Discrimination Law Review
    Brief discussion of ways of thinking about recent EU anti-discrimination directives, exploring some of their theoretical implications.
    ISBN: 2 930399 14 7
  • J C McCrudden (ed), Anti-Discrimination Law (Ashgate 2004)
    Collection of previously published "classic" essays on anti-discrimination law, together with an extended introduction
    ISBN: 1855211343
  • J C McCrudden, 'Mainstreaming Equality in Northern Ireland 1998-2004: a Review of Issues Concerning the Operation of the Equality Duty in Section 75 of the Northern Ireland Act 1998.' in Eithne McLaughlin and Neil Faris (eds), Section 75 Equality Duty: An Operational Review (2004)
  • J C McCrudden, 'Northern Ireland, the Belfast Agreement, and the British Constitution.' in Jeffrey Jowell and Dawn Oliver (eds), The Changing Constitution (5th edition). (2004)
  • J C McCrudden, 'Property Rights and Labour Rights Revisited: International Investment Agreements and the 'Social Clause' Debate.' in Maureen Irish (ed), The Auto Pact: Investment, Labour and the WTO (Kluwer 2004)
  • J C McCrudden, Robert Ford and Anthony Heath, 'The Impact of Affirmative Action Agreements.' in Bob Osborne and Ian Shuttleworth (eds), Fair Employment in Northern Ireland: A Generation on (Blackstaff 2004)
  • J C McCrudden, 'Equality and Non-Discrimination' in David Feldman (ed), English Public Law (OUP 2004)
    ISBN: 978-0198765516
  • J C McCrudden, 'Theorising European Equality Law' in Cathryn Costello and Eilis Barry (eds), Equality in Diversity (Irish Centre for European Law 2003)
  • J C McCrudden, 'A Perspective on Trade and Labour Rights.' in F. Francioni (ed), Environment, Human Rights and International Trade (Hart 2001)
  • J C McCrudden, 'Equality' in Colin Harvey (ed), Human Rights, Equality and Democratic Renewal in Northern Ireland (Hart 2001)
  • J C McCrudden, 'National Remedies for Racial Discrimination in European and International Law' in S. Fredman (ed), Discrimination and Human Rights (OUP 2001)
  • J C McCrudden, 'A Common Law of Human Rights? Transnational Judicial Conversations on Constitutional Rights.' in K. O'Donovan and G. Rubin (eds), Human Rights and Legal History (OUP 2000)
  • J C McCrudden, Sandra Fredman and Mark Freedland, 'An EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.' [2000] Public Law 178
  • J C McCrudden, Sandra Fredman and Mark Freedland, EU Charter of Fundamental Rights (Minutes of Evidence, EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, Select Committee on the European Union, House of Lords, Session 1999-2000, 8th Report, HL Paper 67. 2000)

Research Interests

Constitutional and Administrative Law, Labour Law (especially anti-discrimination legislation), Human Rights

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