MLF Alum on first OUP 'Hindi word of the year' panel

Oxford University Press has recently launched their first ever "Hindi word of the year" campaign for the Hindi language, a widely spoken Indian language that is also the official language in several Indian states. Alumna of the MSc in Law and Finance, Kritika Agrawal, has been asked to be on the panel that decides what word would be made the Hindi word of the year for 2017.

The 'Hindi word of the year' campaign is similar to the immensely popular English word of the year campaign. Hindi is the only language, other than English, for which this is being done. 

Kritika is also involved with Oxford University Press in the capacity of "Language Champion". She is their only multi-lingual language champion involved in 4 Indian languages - Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, and Gujarati.

To submit a suggestion for word of the year you can go to the Oxford Global Languages' Hindi Dictionary website.