While coming to Oxford to read for the BCL was a dream come true, getting to do the same as a Weidenfeld-Hoffmann scholar has been the cherry on the cake. The scholarship group has provided much needed support in settling down at Oxford since day one, apart from keeping us invigorated with multiple events through the year. 

ayushi agarwal - weidenfeld hoffman scholar
The scholarship events are designed to help us grow individually, form a more informed world-view and build strong bonds with the fellow scholars. Before the term began at Oxford, the scholars attended the Robin Hambro Moral Philosophy seminar organised by the scholarship. We had round table discussions on important scholarly writings on human rights, justice, leadership, liberty etc. During the first term, we participated in several workshops and trainings on social entrepreneurship, since the scholarship wants us to think of innovative ways of making a change. We also had visits to London to attend conferences sponsored by the scholarship, and a fun day out skating at Somerset House. At the end of the first term, we were taken to Windsor, where we received training on interview skills, career building, pitching ideas etc. We have also several casual lunches which gives the scholars the opportunity to touch base despite our busy term, and ‘collections’ where we can share our progress and concerns with a senior member of the scholarship. I can easily say that my fellow scholars are both my closest friends as well as intellectual sounding boards now. 

The group this year consists of 28 scholars from 23 different countries, in different fields and at different stages of their careers. There are scholars with several years of experience (to name a few) in the NGO sector, in the government, as a whistleblower, as a journalist, as an environmental conservationist, as a water management specialist, as a human rights attorney, as a social entrepreneur, as an economist, and as a doctor. This is incredibly helpful for all of us, since we get to learn from the vast and diverse experiences of our fellow scholars. Their ideas, passion and commitment are very motivating. In the future, I hope I will be able to give back to my country through my education at Oxford as a Weidenfeld-Hoffmann scholar.