"Our professional network includes more than 17,000 Oxford solicitors, barristers and academics internationally, many in leading positions in every branch and specialty of the legal profession."

Maureen O'Neill,
Director of Development

photographs of students


Oxford Law graduates are in high demand, because law firms and other employers know that our admissions are highly competitive, and our teaching is very intensive. As a result, you will find that recruiters will come to you when you study in Oxford.

The BA in Jurisprudence has long been known as outstanding preparation for work as a barrister or a solicitor. The skills that we focus on are highly effective reading, writing, and oral communication, and the ability to defend a controversial point of view.

These are the core skills that the legal profession calls for, in London, around the country, and around the world. There is no better preparation for a career as a lawyer. But those same skills can be put to service in a variety of career pursuits: education or politics, finance or the civil service, and many others.

The Law Faculty works closely with the University Careers Service and with major UK and international law firms to equip student to pursue careers in legal practice, and to make employers aware of prospective recruits in Oxford.