The Law Faculty works closely with the University Careers Services and with major UK and international law firms to equip students to pursue careers in legal practice, and to make employers aware of the prospective recruits in Oxford.

For practice at the Bar, in London and around the world, the BCL or MJur serves the aspiring advocate both as a mark of distinction and as a practical training in the skills of legal advocacy.

For students aiming for careers in teaching and research, the BCL and MJur serve as gateways to work in law schools around the world. And they also provide outstanding preparation for pursuit of the doctorate in Law in Oxford.

Graduates from the BCL and MJur are in extraordinarily high demand by employers. The challenging market environment has, as in many other areas, provoked a ‘flight to quality’ in recruitment, from which Oxford graduates are beneficiaries.


During the academic year, the Careers Service provides a wide range of activities to assist students with their career planning and skills acquisition. These include workshops addressing areas such as CV writing, interview preparation, networking and presentation skills, and opportunities to meet recruiters, through panel discussions and presentations.

MEETING EMPLOYERSPhotograph of reception after event

The careers service provides many opportunities for students to meet potential employers:

  • Informal panel discussions with representatives from leading law firms and chambers.
  • Visits by employers and recruiters to meet students and make presentations about their organisations.
  • University recruitment fairs.
  • Events with alumni and other networks, aimed at facilitating contact and knowledge sharing.


Lawyers from leading law firms and chambers contribute to the teaching of the BCL and MJur and provide an “insider” perspective.

The Oxford Law Faculty has excellent connections with legal and financial professionals, with an ever-increasing involvement from an international alumni sector.

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