Christopher Monaghan

One Essex Court Scholarship

College: Linacre 

Scholarship: One Essex Court 

I studied law at Queen’s University in Belfast and graduated in 2018. I am currently studying the Bachelor of Civil Law.  

What are your career ambitions?

I intend to practice law as a barrister specialising in commercial law at the London Bar.

Is life in Oxford different to what you expected it to be?

Anyone who applies to Oxford does so with the full awareness of the demands and challenges your course will entail. This was no different for me and the course has lived up to and exceeded that expectation. While life in Oxford is strenuous, what has surprised me is the social aspect. Everyone on your course will work hard but many will also spend time away from their work. Whether it is going for a walk through some of the parks, a long cycle ride outside of the city, or exploring the city itself, there are plenty of opportunities to unwind and a take a break from study.

What do you enjoy most about studying law in Oxford?

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the course is having the opportunity to engage with many students from different legal backgrounds during seminars. Having the chance to listen to a wide variety of opinions on how one legal jurisdiction deals with an issue and compare it with another is amazing to be involved in.

What do you find most challenging about your programme?

The workload and reading lists for the course can at times seem endless. The demands of the course fluctuate throughout the year and it can be difficult to juggle your course commitments and also have a healthy social life. One thing I have learnt is that you need to have a drive and perseverance for your studies.

What do you find most rewarding about your programme?

Tutorials are probably the most rewarding aspect. Having the opportunity to candidly discuss with a Professor is quite a unique aspect of the course. There is a great sense of achievement when you debate with a person who is one of the leaders in that particular area of law and utilise the understanding you have gained from seminars to challenge their points.

Are you involved with any projects or societies? 

The collegiate system at Oxford is a great way to become involved in societies and activities. I play as part of our college football team in the MCR league and I have also become involved in the MCR committee by helping organise social events in college.

What advice would you give to a new or prospective student?

Put yourself out there. Don’t be afraid to become involved in activities or join something different. Oxford has something for everyone and time here goes quick – make the most of the opportunities when they are in front of you!