As an Oxford student, you will belong to one of the University’s 39 colleges. College life will enrich your time at Oxford. An undergraduate college is not just a residence; your college is also responsible for your tutorial teaching. That crucial feature makes the college an academic community, with 200 to 700 undergraduate and graduate students from around the world, and Fellows from all academic subjects. Each college is a focus for sporting and cultural activity: teams compete with each other in sports such as rowing, cricket, and rugby; plays and musicals are staged in college halls and gardens; and concerts take place in college chapels and quadrangles. The social life includes grand formal dinners in Hall, and May balls, as well as very informally getting to know neighbours working in your own subject and a variety of others.

Photos of students relaxing on lawn and jumping into river

Each college has its own distinctive identity. Whichever you choose, you will probably develop a fierce loyalty to it that will stay with you long past graduation. Colleges have their own alumni societies and professional networks, which complement those offered to graduates by the University and the Law Faculty.