The ESRC has recently announced a fourth funding round for their “Transformative Research Call”. This call supports projects running for up to 24 months at a maximum of £250,000 FEC. The ESRC has indicated that only two applications can be submitted to this call by each participating research organisation (please see the ESRC website for further information on the call). We will therefore run an internal selection process. Please therefore note the following deadlines:

Funder deadline: 7th November

Divisional full proposal review: 30th October

Faculty full proposal first draft review: 13th October

Divisional case for support review: 29th September

Faculty case for support review: 15th September

If you are interested in applying, please contact Karen or Elizabeth as soon as possible

- Candidates wishing to participate in the internal selection process must submit a 2-page CV and a case for support by Friday 29 September at 9am at the latest. These two documents are to be sent to the Social Sciences Division Research Facilitator (, who will coordinate the selection process.

The case for support must be presented as follows:

* Maximum 2 sides of A4.

* Transformative idea: please identify your specific research question(s) for the project. Please explain why your project is transformative.

* Transformative approach/methodology: clearly state what you propose to do, how you will do it and why it is important. Why this is an unconventional or creative approach? Please describe the ways you will deliver project outcomes and manage the risks.

* Deliverables and potential impact: please outline the measurable outcome(s) from the project. Please also explain scientific and any potential economic and societal impact that the project will seek to achieve.

* The case for support must be completely anonymous and should not reference the institutions or applicants in any way that would enable them to be identified.

- The internal assessment panel will meet in early-mid October. The panel will only consider the case for support from each candidate. The CV candidates are being asked to submit will be used by the Social Sciences Research Facilitator to verify applicants are eligible for this call.

- The results of the selection process will be communicated to all candidates as soon as possible after the meeting of the panel. The two successful candidates are expected to submit their full proposals (see further below) to Research Services by Monday 30th October (the ESRC submission deadline falls on Tuesday 07 November).

- Please note that, once the call has closed, the ESRC will shortlist and invite a number of applicants to a two-day “pitch to peers” assessment workshop in mid-April 2018. Principal Investigators must attend this workshop. Any applicants who would be unable to attend the workshop should not take part in the internal selection process for this call.

- The two applications to eventually be submitted to the ESRC will not only include a case for support and a CV; a Pathways to Impact document, Data Management Plan and Justification of Resources must also be submitted to the ESRC for each application. Applicants participating in the internal selection process are therefore advised to start planning all of these in addition to the case for support and CV to be submitted to the internal selection panel.