Synergy Grants are normally for a maximum of €10m for a period of up to six years
Maximum grants are pro-rated for shorter project durations

An additional €4m can be requested if the application involves
- The purchase of major equipment
- Access to large facilities
- Eligible start-up costs for a PI moving from outside Europe to take up their ERC grant

This call funds two to four PIs to bring together complementary skills, knowledge and expertise to
jointly address a ground breaking research problem of their own design.

Projects are transformative on a global scale.
Each PI is internationally competitive. Each PI must have a unique and key role in the project.

PIs can be at any stage in their ERC journey – they must be able to provide evidence of their career
track record as would be appropriate to StG, CoG or AdG level applications. There is no formal
requirement for PIs at any career stage to hold a PhD.
Up to four Host institutions could engage a Principal Investigator and one of these Host institutions,
with the exception of the corresponding Host institution, at any one time, may be a legal entity
established outside of the European Union or Associated Countries.
Each PI must spend a minimum of 30% of their total working time on the project for its full duration –
regardless of their career stage. Each PI (with the exception of the PI hosted or engaged by an
institution outside of the EU or AC, if any) must spend at least 50% of their time in an EU Member
State or Associated Country.
Each PI will bring their own team to the project and will run their own part of the project. PIs can be from one institution or from different host institutions, from one country or from more than
one country.

A Synergy grant will be
A unique combination of knowledge and skills to tackle a research problem that requires
precisely this combination of knowledge and skills and which couldn’t be done in any other
The application must
- Explain the synergies and complementarities of the PIs that make them uniquely able to
work together towards the major and significant breakthrough anticipated in the project
- Explain why this combination of PIs is the only way the project’s research aims can be
- Explain the global significance of the proposed project
- Demonstrate the importance of each PI in the global context
- Explain how the PIs will work together and show that this is the best approach for the
success of the project. It must be clear how the PIs will be working towards the common
aim of the project.

Faculty EOI: 12th October 2018 

Faculty 1st draft review: 15th October 2018

Research Services deadline: 25th October 2018 

Funder deadline: 8th November 2018