1st International Forum in Asian Laws: Diffusion of Law in Asia

Event date
1 - 2 August
Event time
08:30 - 15:30
Oxford week
TT 15
Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore

First Day: 1 August 2024

8:30 Introduction and Welcome:  Mindy Chen-Wishart Provost's Professor, NUS; Emeritus Professor of the Law of Contract, Oxford University.


Plenary Speech 1: 


Andrew Harding, Visiting Professor, Faculty of Law, NUS  Legal Transplantation and the Interface within Asian Contexts
10.30-11 am Morning Tea    
11-12.30 Session 1    

Private Law

Public Law Religious Law/Traditional Law

Moderator: Daniel Seng, NUS

  1. Amber Darr, University of Manchester

 The Dynamic Between Legitimacy and Diffusion: An Analysis of The South Asian Competition Law Experience

  1. Gunn Jiravuttipong, UC Berkeley Law

The Dynamic Diffusion of Digital Competition Law in ASEAN

Commentator: Kenneth Khoo, NUS

Moderator: Ngoc Son Bui

  1. Ha Thanh Pham, VinUniversity

Transplant of Corporate Criminal Laws into Vietnam: Theoretical Uncertainties

  1. Qin (Sky) Ma, NYU School of Law

 The Diffusion of Plea Bargaining in Asia: A Cross-National Analysis

Commentator: Cheah W.L, NUS

Moderator: Jaclyn Neo, NUS

  1. Shainy Pancrasius, Christ University; Bhagyalakshmi R, Central University of Tamil Nadu

An Analysis of the Diffusion of India’s Religious Laws

  1. Ishita Sharma, Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law Punjab

Decolonizing Hindu Law: Unravelling Modern Reforms and Fractured Modernity in Post-Colonial India

Commentator: Eugene Tan, Yong Pung How School of Law, Singapore Management University

12.30-2pm Lunch    
2-3.30pm Section 2    
  Private Law Public Law Religious/Traditional Law

Moderator: Hisashi Harata, Tokyo University

  1. Vivien Chen, Monash Business School

Reinventing Legal Transplants

  1. Chieh Huang, Oxford Brookes University

 Adapting Global Due Diligence Norms in East Asia: Taiwan, South Korea, And Japan's Legislative Response

Commentator: Dan W. Puchniak, Yong Pung How School of Law, Singapore Management University

Moderator: Marcus Teo, NUS

  1. Derek Che-Hao Chien, London School of Economics and Political Science

 Landing Perfectly: Globalisation Of Human Rights in Taiwan’s Gay Marriage Case

  1. Justin Lim, Asia-Pacific Centre of Environmental Law, NUS; Radhini Gawarammana, Centre for Environmental Law and Policy, University of Colombo

 Environmental Impact Assessment in Sri Lanka: Diffusion, Divergence, Dilution, Or Death

Commentator: Kenny Chng, Yong Pung How School of Law, Singapore Management University

Moderator: Mindy Chen-Wishart

  1. Setsen Kiyod (Yifei Xiao)

 The Transnational Diffusion of Confucian Jurisprudence: An Analysis of "Doing What Ought Not to Be Done" in Asian Legal Systems

Commentator: Andrew Harding, NUS

  1. Carol Yuen, Asia-Pacific Centre for Environmental Law, National University of Singapore

The Influence of Confucianism on Environmental Public Interest Litigation in China

Commentator: Jolene Lin, NUS

3.30- 4 Afternoon tea    
4-5.30pm Section 3    
  Private Law Public Law Religious/Traditional Law

Moderator: Anilkumar K Samtani, NTU

  1. Dao Trong Khoi, Vietnam National University, Hanoi; Huynh Thien Tu, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City

Chinese and Vietnamese Law On Image Rights: Converging Paths or A Fork In The Road?  

  1. Elena Sherstoboeva, Essex Law School; Valentina Pavlenko, HSE University

 Deepfake Regulation in The Asian Pacific Region: A Comparative Study

Commentator: David Tan, NUS

Moderator: Ngoc Son Bui, Oxford

  1. Jedidiah J. Kroncke, Faculty of Law, The University of Hong Kong

Re-Engineering East Asian Lawyers: The Abiding Limitations of Transformative Legal Education Reform

  1. Bui Tien Dat; Do Giang Nam, Vietnam National University, Hanoi

 The Dialogue Between Public Law and Private Law Under the Migration of The Proportionality Doctrine to Asia

Commentator: Maartje De Visser, Yong Pung How School of Law, Singapore Management University

Moderator: Mindy Chen-Wishart.

  1. Guy Baldwin, University of Manchester;
    Ayako Hatano, Oxford

The Diffusion of Religious Freedom in Japan

  1. Shamsul Falaah, Independent Researcher

Constitutional Transplants, Primacy of Islam in The Maldives: Analysing Process, Impact, And Dynamics

Commentator: Dian A. H. Shah, NUS





Second Day: 2 August 2024


Plenary Speech 2: 

Albert Chen, Cheng Chan Lan Yue Professor, Chair of Constitutional Law, Faculty of Law, The University of Hong Kong Confucianism, Legalism and Modern Rule of Law in Asia
10.30- 11 Morning Tea    
11-12.30 Session 4    
  Private Law Public Law Public Law

Moderator: Tan Hsieng-Li, NUS

  1. Flora Huang, University of Derby;
    Otabek Narzie, Tashkent State University of Law

Special Economic Zones in Central Asia: Convergence or Divergence?

Commentator:  Lin Lin, NUS

  1. Joyman Lee, University of Glasgow

Diffusion of Trust Law in Japan and Taiwan: Effects On Property

Commentator: Low Kelvin F.K, NUS

Moderator: Andrew Harding

  1. Virginie Kuoch, Sorbonne Law School

Judicial Dialogue or Judicial Network in Asia?

  1. Sarah Bishop, ANU College of Law

 The Diffusion of Constitutional Rights: A Case Study of the 1949 Thai Constitution

Commentator: Ngoc Son Bui

  1. Tavini Nanayakkara, University of Colombo

Diffusion of Laws Relating to Personal Data Protection in South Asia

Commentator: Hu Ying, NUS
12.30-2pm Lunch    
2-3.30pm Plenary Speech 3: Mindy Chen-Wishart, Provost’s Professor, National University of Singapore Contract Laws of Asia: Transplant, Diffusion and Mutation


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