Bottom-Up Data: Law, Equity and the Citizen Scientist

Event date
1 March 2023
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13:00 - 14:00
Oxford week
HT 7
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 Robin PierceJiahong Chen

Bottom-Up Data: Law, Equity and the Citizen Scientist

Citizen science can take many forms. The term can cover conventional academic or commercial projects where researchers strive to allow greater participation by ‘lay’ people, as well as investigations by individuals working outside the main research structures. Recent examples include community collection and stewardship of survey data, as well as individuals ‘bio-hacking’ their own bodies.

Advocates of citizen science often characterise it as a means of ‘empowering’ ordinary people, who might otherwise be excluded from participation in research. This benefit should be understood critically, particularly when social inequalities mean that some people will need more than theoretical access to research to avoid exclusion by default.

This webinar will consider the challenges of conducting equitable citizen science, and whether the law (such as the General Data Protection Regulation) is a help or hindrance in this cause?

We welcome attendees to join and contribute to the discussions.


Robin Pierce is a Professor in the University of Exeter Law School. Her current work focuses on AI in medicine, addressing translational challenges for the development, and integration of emerging technology for clinical and health applications.

Jiahong Chen is a Lecturer in Law at the University of Sheffield School of Law. His research  focuses on the intersection between law and technology, in particular data protection law, cybersecurity law, law and AI, data ethics and internet regulation.


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