British Academy Global Professorship: Addressing the Digital Realm through the Grammar of Human Rights Law

Event date
25 - 26 September
Event time
10:00 - 18:30
Oxford week
MT -2
Bonavero Institute of Human Rights - Sir Joseph Hotung Auditorium

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Attendance is free of charge but requires advance registration: register here.

The British Academy Global Professorship project on “Addressing the Digital Realm through the Grammar of Human Rights Law” started in 2020 and is led by Professor Martin Scheinin. During the course of the project, Professor Scheinin and postdoctoral fellows Oliver Butler and Richard Mackenzie-Gray Scott have conducted research into different aspects of the relationship between human rights law and digital technologies, including in collaboration with several external researchers. The project has also involved four workshops on thematic issues, respectively freedom of expression and content moderation, algorithmic discrimination, privacy and digitalized modes of surveillance, and the right to democracy and democratic participation in the digital age.

This conference will be the final event of the project, which is scheduled to end in February 2025. It will include keynote addresses, presentations and external expert assessments of the main strands of research within the project, as well as thematic sessions that will focus on research jointly conducted with external postdoctoral researchers. As some of the key outputs of the research will then be at manuscript stage, discussions during the conference will contribute to shaping the final publications.

Draft Programme

Wednesday, 25 September 2024

10.00  Opening of the conference, prof. Kate O’Regan, Director of the Bonavero Institute of Human Rights

10.15  The Grammar of International Human Rights Law and the Digital Realm, prof. Martin Scheinin

10.45  Expert commentator: prof. Lorna McGregor

11.15  Keynote address by prof. Robert Spano, former President of the European Court of Human Rights: Can Human Rights Law Cope with the Digital Challenge

12.00  General discussion

Lunch for all participants, Mansfield College

13.30  Procedures and systems for protecting human rights in an era of data-fixation, Dr Richard Mackenzie-Gray Scott

14.00  Expert commentator: Dr Neli Frost

14.30  Coffee/tea break

15.00  Thematic session on freedom of expression with Dr Tarik Gherbaoui, Dr Julia Haas, Katie Pentney, and Eliska Pirkova

16.00 Thematic session on equality and non-discrimination with Dr Tanya Krupiy and prof. Yasmin Curzi

17.00 Keynote address by prof. Luca Belli: Peoples and communities as agents of digital self-determination

17.45 Closing discussion

Dinner for all participants, Mansfield College


Thursday, 26 September 2024

9.00  Transforming European Privacy and Data Protection Law, Dr Oliver Butler

9.30  Expert commentator: prof. Orla Lynskey

10.00  Thematic session on the right to privacy with Dr Sophie Duroy and Dr Monika Zalnieriute

10.45  Coffee/tea break

11.00  Thematic session on the right to health and other economic, social and cultural rights with Dr Helga Molbaek-Steensig and Natalia Menendez Gonzales

11.45  Keynote address by Dr Susie Alegre: Humanity in the Age of AI

12.45  Final words by Prof. Martin Scheinin


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