Can AI Algorithms Be Authors and Artists Under Copyright Law - CANCELLED

Event date
23 February 2023
Event time
17:15 - 18:45
Oxford week
HT 6
The Dorfman Room - St Peter's College

Christian E. Mammen, J.D., D.Phil Womble Bond Dickinson, Silicon Valley

Over the past three years, while the question of AI-as-inventor in patent law has reached a fever pitch, a parallel debate has been brewing over the question of AI-as-author in copyright law. In some respects, the question has been around for decades, and some versions of the formal doctrine have been unsatisfyingly question-begging: to be copyrightable, a work must have sufficient human creative involvement. The scope of the debate is wide-ranging. It includes considerations of copyright law as part of economic policy, individual economic incentives, the future and pace of innovation, as well as more fundamental questions about the extent to which copyright law should be aimed at protecting human creativity. The debate also involves competing visions of the AI-fueled future – will AIs contribute to a utopian or dystopian path—and how quickly that future is arriving.

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